Our clients come to us with a vision to make better happen in their business by leveraging technology. Our job to be done, through engineering, is to deliver objective technology guidance and then deliver on time and within budget.

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Technology that delivers.

Technology is an enabling feature – it works in harmony with design and product. Our clients have a vision they want to achieve, and our job, through engineering, is to make it happen on time and within budget.

Technical Analysis

We transform your under-performing platforms into powerful tools that drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. We see the full picture covering critical tech debt, core technologies, Cloud and systems architecture, and non-functional requirements.

Tech Stack & Validation

Before sinking in time and budget, you need assurance that you have a feasible and desirable tech solution. RUSH will confirm feasibility and viability of technical choices, then enhance and equip your team with capabilities in Frontend, Backend and DevOps.

Full Stack Engineering

RUSH's engineering team brings decades of experience to the table; from building apps in React Native or Flutter, to developing PWAs and custom web builds in UnrealEngine.

Systems Architecture

We’re experienced in integrating with enterprise clients and 3rd parties, as well as remediation work and migration, so you extract the maximum value from existing technology investments.

Security & Compliance

RUSH maintains ongoing compliance monitoring and consulting using powerful security tooling.
We uphold a secure coding process and are experienced in developing PCI certified software and OWASP Top 10.

Quality Assurance & Testing

A proactive and reactive response wraps around each product at RUSH. From required metrics to non-functional requirements, a rigorous QA release process manages change and continuity.

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Ready to make better happen?

We believe in planning technology for your organisation's lifecycle, and that of your users. Are you ready to enable innovation?

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