Case studies

Children smiling into the cameraPage from UNICEF Aotearoa website to donate

UNICEF Aotearoa

UNICEF Aotearoa Website

“Seeing what other people have donated and how that translates into children being helped kind of restores my faith in humanity a little.”

Potential Donor

User Research Group


Boy holding a drinking cup of waterWatercare app created in partnership with RUSH


Watercare App

"RUSH's approach to working closely with us and our customers has empowered our teams to drive our digital-first strategy forward and continuously improve the customer experience."

Jason Pascoe

Head of Customer Experience, Watercare


Clouds changing colour at sunsetMetservice app


Environmental Visualisation

“Working with RUSH we now have a viable path forward, using Unreal Engine as a platform to deliver a functioning prototype that we can start to give our customers. This has given us a fantastic platform to build on, with an open-ended future where one of the biggest 'problems' is where to start with the many options now available to us.”

Neville Booth

Product Owner, Metservice


Young person using mobile phoneLowdown app image screen

Te Whatu Ora | Health Promotion

The Lowdown

“The project RUSH was brought in to deliver required an effective understanding of how to apply Te Ao Māori principles, and they have shown themselves to have real integrity for this kaupapa.”

Suzie Tingley

Manager Digital Delivery, The Lowdown


Young girl having her temperature taken in her earHand holding phone showing COVID-19 Health Hub app

Manatū Hauora | Ministry of Health

COVID-19 Health Hub

"The Hub greatly eases the stress of what can be a difficult time for so many. It’s another great example of how we’re still supporting people to successfully manage COVID-19 at home and slowing the spread of the virus in our communities.”

Michal Dreyer

Group Manager and Chief Technology Officer, Ministry of Health


Image of an indigenous person in tribal costume. Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on UnsplashImage of a hand holding a phone with the Google Woolaroo screen open

Google Arts & Culture

Google Woolaroo

"Woolaroo was co-developed by RUSH, one of New Zealand’s most innovative digital product studios. RUSH took on the project to help use innovative technologies like Machine Learning, Machine Vision and the power of the Cloud in a project that aligned so closely to its purpose statement."

Chris Rollings

Executive Producer, Google PI


Illustration of a young woman saying Kia ora, I'm ArohaA mobile phone with the Headstrong app open

University of Auckland


"My phone is my news, my music, my friends, it counts my steps and tells me when to stand up, and mental health is part of that. Phones are a delivery mechanism.”

Karolina Stasiak

Research Psychologist, Department of Psychological Medicine


Image of a hand holding a phone with the NZ COVID Tracer app open in front of a QR posterImage of the Bluetooth function of the NZ COVID Tracer app

Manatū Hauora | Ministry of Health

NZ Covid Tracer App

"It’s pleasing to note the extensive use of the NZ COVID Tracer app has significantly assisted contact tracing efforts."

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health


A blurred car moving quickly through a petrol station beside a sign saying FastlaneImage of a phone sitting in a car centre console with the Z Fastlane app open

Z Energy


"A solid research, ideation and prototyping process, combined a key insight with clever technology and data integration to deliver a prototype that could radically improve the service experience for customers. Outcomes from the project prototype genuinely improved the experience for parents, the disabled and people in a hurry."


Best Awards


Image of a sandy beach and palm trees in the Cook IslandsImage of the Cook Islands PM holding a phone with the CookSafe Plus app

Government of the Cook Islands

CookSafe Plus

"Under pressure we reached out to RUSH to investigate a solution, cost it and set timelines for delivery. We were immediately impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism."

Ben Ponia

Chief of Staff, Government of the Cook Islands


A woman standing on a beach with her arms out in the sunshineThe Public Trust website open on a mobile phone

Public Trust

Public Trust Website

"We appreciate RUSH's initiative and partnership to understand our complex needs, to ensure we have the best customer-centric solutions. The team challenges our thinking and takes the time to understand our products really well."

Alice Mitchell

Digital Lead, Public Trust


Image showing three women sitting at a table with laptops, laughing and smilingScreenshots of the Ignite Wellbeing platform

Ignite Aotearoa

Wellbeing Platform

"Workforces in New Zealand currently have few options available to them outside of the traditional EAP for proactively supporting their staff’s wellbeing. We have built a platform that brings everything together to make accessing support simpler."

Nicola Coom

Executive Director, Nicola Coom


Image of a Māori statueScreenshots of Whare kōrero app

Te Hiku Media

Whare Kōrero

“The iwi radio network produces the most indigenous language content in the world and everyone can now access all of it in one place, in one whare, for the protection and revitalisation of tikanga and te reo Māori.”

Peter Lucas-Jones

Te Whakaruruhau o Ngā Reo Irirangi Māori chair


A person fills up their car at a petrol pumpA hand holding a phone with the Z Sharetank app open

Z Energy


"Sharetank is one of the fastest growing products in company history and we see a material shift in a customer's advocacy and 'share of wallet.'"

Scott Bishop

Chief Innovation Officer, Z Energy


Clothing store Screenshot of the Sook website platform


Sook Web Platform

“As well as enhancing local communities and economies with these immersive pop-ups, Sook gathers analytics for its occupiers, allowing them to best understand how to use physical space as efficiently and effectively as possible.”


2022 Retail Technology Innovation Hub Awards


Two children in front of Starship animal doctors experienceTwo children in front of Starship magic forest experience

Starship x ASB

Starship Waiting Room

“The assessment and waiting area is the hub of the Starship children’s emergency department. The refurbishment means a better experience for our patients and their families and a more effective work space for our staff.”

Dr Mike Shepherd

Director, Starship Medical and Community


A barista pouring milk into a freshly made coffeeZ Espress order screen

Z Energy

Z Pre-Order

"Never bothered with apps before but this makes popping in for a cheeky coffee ON!"


Z Palm Beach