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Personal trainers to indie retailers, artists to public debaters to board gamers. UK-based startup Sook is on a mission to bring them all to the high street by providing retail space that can be rented by the hour. There’s a challenge though. How do you cater to such a diverse range of people, needs and functions within a single space?




Platform design & build



Retail & Loyalty


“As well as enhancing local communities and economies with these immersive pop-ups, Sook gathers analytics for its occupiers, allowing them to best understand how to use physical space as efficiently and effectively as possible.”



2022 Retail Technology Innovation Hub Awards

The project

When Sook reached out to collaborate, they already had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve: enabling customers to bring their vision to life in Sook’s space by allowing personalisation and flexible fitouts. But they wanted to understand how they could facilitate this through digital tools. That’s where our technical expertise came in.

RUSH started with an initial discovery phase, followed by a series of quick development sprints. These were focused on bringing to market a world-class 3D visualisation tool for Sook’s customers that was easy and delightful to use.


UX Design

UI Design

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Cloud / Systems Integration

Quality Assurance & Testing

CAD drawing of a space being used with a Sook setup

Opening the door to empty high street retail spaces, it’s a digitally-enabled and sustainable way to create hyper-relevant consumer connections.

Sook spaces are a portal to infinite in-real-life opportunities for brands. From product launches, influencer events, living adverts, PR events, live streaming, brand collaborations, and more; they cater to smaller, independent businesses as well as global brands.

Chairs in a row set up for a presentation in a Sook space
"Congratulations to Daniel Burnham and RUSH. We have written code, tested, listened to our customers and improved our product. We will be re-emerging from lockdown with an even more robust and versatile system to support the recovery of the high street."

John Hoyle


Founder, Sook

Sook web platform home page screenshot

Customisable spaces

A Sook space incorporates state-of-the-art 4K display screens and physical fixtures and furniture that can be swapped in and out. Customers use the Sook online tool to design their own content to be displayed on the screens, creating an impactful exhibition, information display or branded retail space. Integrated into the screen customisation tool RUSH built for Sook is the ability to select what custom physical fit-out elements will be placed in the space, so customers can truly make it fit for purpose and unique to them.

Visualise and analyse

These functions integrate with a 3D visualisation tool, showing how the space will look before finalising the customer’s order. Analytics for key performance indicator metrics like footfall and are also integrated into the whole process, so that activity reports can help customers gauge which time slots are the prime ones to book and capitalise on.

Image of a shopfront with the sign Sook above the door

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