Tech You Should Care About

Alaina Luxmoore headshot

Alaina Luxmoore

Director of Marketing

May 19, 2022

12 mins

Promotional image for Tech You Should Care About with Danu Abeysuriya and Lucy Blakiston

Here are a few things that Lucy Blakiston, SYSCA CEO, and Danu Abeysuria, RUSH CEO, have in common:

  • they took on founder life in their twenties
  • they love to “say it like it is”
  • they can take complex topics and break them down in a way that makes you GET it

So we were beyond stoked to host a one-night-only, live pod-cast style discussion for Techweek 2022... "Tech You Should Care About", making tech news and innovation accessible. From AI and machine learning, to EVs, crypto, and the ethics of data, the crowd definitely wasn't bored.

Prior to the live event, we produced this short 'trailer' in which Luce & Danu discuss how humans are being rewired by tech.

Enjoy the short video as much as we enjoyed making it!

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