Technology is an enabling feature - it works in harmony with design and product. Our clients have a vision that they want to achieve, and our job to be done, through engineering, is to make it happen on time and within budget.

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How can we help you succeed?

We try to maintain a balance between innovation and enterprise. While many businesses seek innovative solutions, there may be risk or cost involved.

Our process and capabilities can enable innovation within constraints, and we try to figure out how to build tech in a sustainable way - balancing cost, features and uptime while controlling risk and mitigating expensive mistakes.

Hamish Friedlander - Head of Engineering

“We’re agnostic - but opinionated. This is to say that we can work with anything, but will happily provide strategic guidance to support our clients' future technology roadmaps.”

Hamish Friedlander Head of Engineering

Uncover your needs


Before sinking in time and budget, you need assurance that what your solution can be done, including technological and design considerations.


Planning for your organisation's lifecycle, and that of your users, means building with the right process and at the right level of quality.


Digital systems must meet the legal obligations to care for your users. That means secure systems, privacy and data control.

Connected interface

A seamless and connected system can be planned for, or remediation might be the best bet. Integration for connectivity can scale up the power of your tools.

Quality assurance

From required metrics to non-functional requirements, a rigorous release process is essential to manage change and continuity.

Making better happen


We will research your customers, ingest your datasets, gather user requirements and quickly test models to create a working proof of concept which will help you test fundamental feasibility questions.


Not everyone runs Agile. Our customers might work in different models, and requirements will change over time - and we can adapt to that.

Technical Design

What's important, and how do we get there? Our engineers see the full picture covering full stack development, Cloud and systems architecture, Native Application development and designing for non-functional requirements.

Certified and Compliant

We uphold a secure coding process and are experienced in developing PCI certified software and OWASP top 10.
The full office undergoes regular security training and shares responsibility for maintaining high security standards.

Test and Support

A proactive and reactive response wraps around your product. End-to-end thinking including story design and feature design is robustly tested and documented.
We provide ongoing oversight and maintenance to ensure years of trouble-free operation between enhancement cycles

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